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One of our absolute strengths is that we have experience in a wide spectrum of communication. Throughout the years we have produced both short and feature documentaries both for Norwegian TV channels and agencies. 

When we produce commercials, the most important thing is to work with a good idea. And it may also be that the right film for your use is simple and cheap to produce . The most important thing is that it gets out to your target group and your potential customers, whether it’s in cinemas, TV or social media.


For 20 years we have produced car commercials brands such as Suzuki, Fiat, Isuzu, Maxus, JAC and BYD.

Film is a useful tool when you want to introduce yourself, inform or observe employees. We have a crew that creates safety on set and gets the best out of anyone who stands in front of the camera.



Streaming is a shared experience! Livestreaming makes it easier for companies to get their message out, whether it's internal or directly to customers. We do the technical bit of the live broadcast, while you can focus on the content itself.


Catapult Film has long and extensive experience with livestreaming and we have technical producers who have specialized in exactly this.

Streaming, Catapult Film
studio, Catapult Film


In the middle of Drammen is our office and 50m2 studio. Here we record everything from simple shorts to advanced livestreams. Studio is sound and light sealed. With the help of rail system in the roof, the lights can be easily moved for different productions.

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